Islanders Institute of Applied Sciences (IIAS) is a higher educational institution under Islanders Education with a mandate to bring high quality courses aimed at creating a strong workforce in the country. 

IIAS’s initial goal is to offer internationally accredited courses to train teachers for the education sector. The Institute has partnered with British Council to offer it’s international suite of English assessment and competency courses. 

IIAS is in the process of creating its own comprehensive teacher training programme that includes pre-service, in-service and part-time courses targeted at improving the quality of teaching and learning while educators are working in schools. 

In 2019, IIAS signed an understanding to forge a partnership with Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) from Finland and introduce JAMK’s Degree courses in the fields of education, hospitality and entrepreneurship here in the Maldives.

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Rules and Regulations
You Must:

• Register for the examination. This is to be done by filling the online registration form. Statement of entry will be mailed to the candidate


• Provide proof of identity (National Identity Card/ School Card) at registration and examination session

• Only have, your identification, pen/pencils/eraser and water bottle on your desk in the examination room

• Write in blue/black pen

• Ensure mobile phones are switched off and any other electronic devices are switched off and placed with personal belongings outside of the examination room

You Must Not:

• Attempt to use any equipment other than which is allowed in the examination room (dictionary, spell checker, mobile phone) during the examination

• Communicate within the premises of the examination room or once the examination has started. Further you are not allowed to communicate within the premises of the examination room to anyone who is not an invigilator (to clarify only)

• Remove any materials used in the examination (other than your own belongings)

Advice and Information
Attend on Time:

• Ensure that you know the examination dates, times and place of the examination and arrive before the scheduled starting time (20 minutes earlier than the scheduled time)

• If you arrive late, report to the exam supervisor or invigilator. You may not be allowed to take the examination

Provide what you need:

• Take into the examination room only the pens, pencils, erasers which you need for the examination. You must not have any other unauthorised material in your possession (bags, telephones/ mobiles, laptops, smart watches or any other electronic device/s with or without internet access)

• Leave anything which you do not need or which is not allowed outside the examination room. Bags etc. must be left in a selected place outside of the examination room. Please note that it is not the responsibility of the school, if an item gets lost etc.

• You may not lend anything to or borrow anything from another candidate during the examination

• Do not bring valuables as the school cannot be responsible for anything placed outside of the examination room

• If you arrive late, report to the exam supervisor or invigilator. You may not be allowed to take the examination

Examination Instructions:

• Listen to the examination supervisor/invigilator and do what you are asked to do

• Tell the invigilator at once

o If you think you have not been given the right question paper

o If the question paper is incomplete (Pages missing etc.)

• Read carefully and follow the instructions printed on the question paper

• Fill in the details required on the front of your question paper and on your answer sheet before the start of the examination

• If you arrive late, report to the exam supervisor or invigilator. You may not be allowed to take the examination

Leaving the examination room:

• You may not leave the examination room without the permission of the invigilators

• You can leave the examination room (In case of an emergency or personal use of toilet etc.) accompanied by an invigilator

• You are not allowed to leave the examination room during the last half an hour of the examination

• You cannot leave your seat until all the papers have been collected/and you have been told you can leave

• When you leave the examination room you must leave behind any paper used for rough work clearly crossed through


• Results will be issued by IIAS

• Results will be available online after 3 weeks from the date of examination

• If a candidate wants to appeal against the outcome of the result (requesting for re-checking or re-marking), he/she must apply for it using the online request form

• A request has to be made for re-checking or re-marking within 7 days (inclusive of weekend) of the results being released

Check Results

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